• The i-PASS toolkit is an online tool that facilitates rapid examination of European air policy impacts on any country and/or industry
  • The toolkit provides a comprehensive and tailored dossier for any given industry e.g. Power generation or Oil refining, comprising the following elements:
    • A detailed setting forth of the logic of the ‘From Treaty to TSAP to Permit’ approach
    • A detailed development of the policy shadow prices (by pollutant) specific to the country in which the industrial installation is located including their relationship to the TSAP/NEC
    • A detailed analysis showing the relationship between marginal costs and the corresponding position within the BATAEL ranges for each relevant process unit
    • A comprehensive annex of reference documents and supporting data

Primary Toolkit Components

The toolkit is built around a number of interconnected modules, the three main components are:


The Measure Driven VOLY Tool

Abatement Measure Driven, Value of a Life Year (VOLY) Tool

The MDV Tool enables you to evaluate the European wide change in VOLY based on the introduction of abatement technologies below a given investment.

Scenario, Country, Industry Choices

Multiple Ambition Drivers

Optimum Results

Industry Results

Graphical Results

Comparative Results

Technology Selection Tool (TST)

Industry Specific, Technology Selection/Justification Tool

The TS Tool enables you to determine and justify the most cost-effective abatement technology for a specific industry process by incremental cost.

Analysis of abatement units
Justify Abatement Unit Selection
Site Specific Control of Abatement Techs

European Measures Chart (EMC)

European Measures Chart - All available abatement technologies
  • An interactive chart for visually representing all available emission abatement measures with relative impacts.
  • Compilation of ~7,000 abatement measures (control options) for all pollutants in all countries.
  • Simplifies selection of control options based on a different ambition drivers e.g. PM Improvement versus 2005 or Value Of Life Year (VOLY).
  • Allows rapid observation of changes to scenarios e.g. introduction of emission source biasing.
Example Measures Chart